Grow your Eyelashes with Almond Oil

Who wouldn't want to have longer eyelashes? Most women are dreaming of having thick and long eyelashes as these add to the beauty of the eyes. However, not all are blessed with such. Good thing there are various eyelash enhancers which promote growth of the eyelashes. But if you wish to go the natural way and not spend so much on cosmetic products, you can try using almond oil to have the long lashes you want.

What Almond Oil Can Do

Almond oil is the natural oil that comes from sweet almond kernels. The oil is rich in vitamin E, monounsaturated fats and minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Such components are a good source of nourishment for the eyelashes. It effectively moisturizes the lashes, making them healthier and shinier. 

With the emollient properties of almond oil, the hair cuticles are softened, promoting the growth of thicker and longer eyelashes. It also prevents eyelashes from falling out as it strengthens the hair follicles. The almond oil can bring back the necessary moisture of the skin around your eyes and its natural pH balance which is essential to the growth of healthy eyelashes.
Almond oil is the ideal choice for eyelashes among other types of oil. Its lightweight and less greasy formula is perfect for the eyes, providing comfort during application. It can also suit all types of skin so you won't need to worry about side effects or allergic reactions even if you have highly sensitive skin.

Using Almond Oil for Eyelash Growth

You can have the long and thick eyelashes you want if you use almond oil properly. It's best to apply almond oil on your eyelashes before going to sleep. Make sure you wash your face with mild soap and lukewarm water. To ensure your eyelashes are free from makeup, apply a small amount of baby shampoo on your eyelashes.

Only use pure almond oil on your lashes. To apply it, you can pour one to two drops on your fingertips and gently massage the oil on the roots of your lashes. Avoid rubbing your lashes since they may fall out and break.

If you're having a difficult time, you can use a brush to apply the oil. Dip the brush into the oil and comb your eyelashes with it. If the brush is still not doing the trick for you, you can also use Q-tips. Dip the Q-tip in the almond oil and move it along the line of your eyelids in order to soak your eyelashes. Expect remarkable results after six to eight weeks.

Makeup Bargains: Best Value for your Money

If you really want to look your best and be beautiful, you have to invest in various products such as beauty regimen, makeup and more. However, certain products are just way too expensive to invest on, making it harder to stay beautiful all the time.

Fortunately, there are several makeup bargains you can take advantage of. These products give you the best value for your money and allow you to stay beautiful all the time without breaking the bank.

Eye Makeup Sets

The eyes are perhaps the most noticeable part of the face, that's why it's only important that you highlight them in the best possible way. Beautifying the eyes require a lot of different beauty items though such as eyelash products, under eye creams, eye shadow and more. Good thing there are eye makeup sets which include everything you need to doll up your eyes. Some eye makeup sets include different shades of eye shadow, while some combine eyelash curler, mascara and eyeliners.

Lipstick Kits

Sometimes all it takes to brighten up your face is to dab the right shade on your lips. You can find lipstick kits that include different colors and achieves varying looks for your lips. There are also lip gloss collections available if you're more after the shimmery look for your lips.

Light lipsticks are ideal for those with small lips since such products tend to make the lips look fuller. Dark colors, on the other hand, enhance your lips and make them stand out.

All-in-one Makeup Sets

Don't have everything you need for your beauty ritual? All-in-one makeup sets allow you to save a lot on beauty products that you need for daily use. These makeup sets typically include everything you need for your face: from eye makeup such as an eye shadow palette which can have as many as 88 different shades, mascara and eyeliner; to blush on for the cheeks, pressed powder, lipstick and lip gloss and many more.

These kits also already include applicators and brushes which are also among your makeup essentials. Typically included are applicators for eye shadow, brush for lipstick or lip gloss as well as for blush. With such complete package, you won't need to scour individually for each item and spend a lot of money for each part of your face. With all-in-one makeup sets, you can achieve different looks without spending too much.

No-Makeup Ways to Enhance your Eyes

While makeup can instantly prettify your eyes and make them stand out, there are also numerous ways to brighten them up and keep them looking beautiful.
Here are some of them:

Splash Cold Water on your Face

The best eye cream available in the market today isn't the only thing that can remove dark circles and puffy eyes. A splash of icy water can also quickly eliminate puffiness and redness. When you splash cold water onto your eyes, circulation is improved resulting in vibrant eyes. For better results, you can splash your eyes with water throughout the day to refresh them or press an ice cube on the eye area to reduce dark circles, shadows and eye puffiness. Your eyes will look a lot younger and brighter.

Freshen your Eyes with Eye Drops

Eyes tend to dry out and become tired as the day wears on. To keep your eyes fresh throughout the day, always keep a bottle of eye drops with you. Using eye drops can help get rid of itchiness and redness of the eyes which may be caused by dust, wind or plain tiredness. A few drops can leave your eyes feeling refreshed and looking crystal clear and beautiful.

Never Rub your Eyes

The area around the eye is soft and delicate, that’s why high level of care must always be observed for such. Constantly rubbing the eyes and the sensitive skin around it can cause irritation and damage.

If you need to remove eye makeup, use makeup remover. Apply it on a cotton and dab it lightly against your eyelids until your makeup dissolves. Afterwards, you can clean the entire area with one gentle sweep.

Do Not Wear Your Contacts for Too Long

Contact lenses have a specific maximum wearing time. Make sure you don't go over such maximum wearing time to avoid irritation. Wearing contacts for too long will result in oxygen deprivation of your eyes which can lead to more serious problems in the future. It's also important that you don't rub or squeeze your eyes while wearing contacts.

There are loads of ways to enhance your eyes without resorting to makeup. Proper hygiene and skin care can go a long way and help maintain the beauty of your eyes.
By following the above mentioned tips, you can maintain the natural beauty of your eyes without spending a dime on various cosmetic products.